HiPo Talent: A View from the Leadership Pipeline

The employees who are inside the leadership pipeline do not operate solely as a stream of talent to be funneled and directed by the organization. They bring their perspectives and experiences to the process, too. In this article, the Center for Creative Leadership examines the “view from the pipe” through the eyes of high-potential managers. […]

How Much of Who You Really Are Shows Up at Work?

Many people have experienced great success in their careers and when asked what’s behind their success, most will tell you about their strengths such as “I’m results focused”, “I have strong communication skills”, etc., instead of who they really are. In this article, Sage Ways consultant Tom Melberg talks about Identity Mapping® and how it helps people bring […]

Sage Ways Talent Accelerator

Sage Ways has integrated succession planning best practices and leading edge tools into the new Talent Accelerator Program (TAP). TAP helps organizations identify and develop a pipeline of agile leaders that thrive in complexity and constant change. This integrated approach increases organizational agility, decreases capability gaps, and strategically focuses the next generation of leaders on […]

Trends in Succession Planning

What are the latest trends for building a strong talent pipeline? Sage Ways consultant, Tom Melberg reports his findings from The Conference Board’s recent Succession Management Conference in New York City – where some of the largest blue-chip companies shared their innovative practices. A number of key trends were highlighted including: an increased focus on […]